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The connection between healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Everybody is the same,

but every BODY is different

Now, from the comfort

of your own home



The Method

Using a personalized approach to Passive Fascial Release Therapy, The Stretch Girl puts how you feel at the forefront of treatments. By accessing the root of individualized trauma, healing begins deep inside the body, restoring the body and mind more substantially.


The power of in-person treatments creates an authentic space of openness to explore how you carry pain while connecting you to a bright community of people on the path to well-being.

The Stretch Girl is for those who are ready to heal their bodies in a fundamentally different way. By approaching pain from a place of truth, we connect clients to the source and clear it using unique healing techniques. Through this deeply self-reflective and empowering process, people discover the freedom to live more passionately and feel in greater harmony with their own bodies, lives, and communities.


Relax Wax Massage Balm
Relax Wax Massage Balm
Whipped Body Butter
Whipped Body Butter

What is Passive Fascial Release Therapy?

Passive Fascial Release Therapy (PFR Therapy) is a type of practise that targets the source of your pain with an emphasis on how you feel by using a holistic and mindfulness approach to heal the body. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your training and performance, or someone trying to reduce pain and achieve better alignment, PFR Therapy will help.


PFR Therapy combines fascial stretch, manual therapy, muscle assessments, rehabilitation techniques, and self-release stretches. This approach not only provides immediate pain relief and a drastic increase in mobility, it also creates a harmonious relationship with your spiritual, emotional and mental well being.

Who is Sheena?

Sheena is a talented multidisciplinary practitioner who is driven by her passion for healing. With experience in strength and conditioning, muscle assessments, and manual fascial therapy, she has evolved her techniques to heal people in profound and lasting ways. Her desire to curate a space to educate and empower others about their pain led her to establish The Stretch Girl.

Her transformative approach to healing produces a symbiotic relationship between the spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being within the body, providing authentic liberation from trauma, and giving individuals the freedom to live more harmoniously. She believes that everyone can benefit from her treatments.  If you are someone who is ready to heal from chronic, acute, mental, emotional, trauma, stress, work or sport-related pain, Sheena can rid you of your pain and get you back to living a full and joyful life.


I went to Sheena for some serious shoulder pain that I've had forever. I had put off getting help because I was nervous about a stranger treating my body. Upon recommendation, I went to Sheena and was immediately put at ease by her kindness and warm attitude. She listened to me, understood my pain and my worries, and then worked her magic! Now I can actually go through a day without thinking about being in pain!!


2021 - Present


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